The Year After Last

It’s 2006.  Some of the things that are on my mind at the outset of this year:
  • Career — Keep doing what I’m doing?  Try to find a new career?  Try to make this one better? 
  • Health / Diet — Getting back on track after the holiday respite.  This isn’t a real concern… I’m pretty dedicated to Weight Watchers at the moment.  I have to get back down to my 189 I was at before Thanksgiving… I’m ready to start eating better again.  Tired of the junk, cookies, over-eating., etc…
  • Poker / EQ — To which am I going to dedicate myself?  Can I do both?  How should I do both?  Every other night?  I really want to start studying poker again like I was, but haven’t been able to get back into it like that again.  I don’t really see myself giving up EQ since I’m an officer in my guild, but it is a low-stress, low-maintenance position.  That much I did on purpose.
  • House — Have a lot of work still to do.  Ceiling in the basement, flooring in the basement, master bedroom/bathroom painting, driving surface of some kind off the driveway for all our vehicles.

Things I’m not worried about:

  • Finances — We’re still on a string budget, but it isn’t as much of a tightrope as it has been in years past.  We’re getting things paid off, and we’ll be buying the house early this year.  That should help infinitely with taxes next year.  In fact, I should change my withholding to reflect that.  We’re still not saving as much as we need to in order to have a retirement.  But we are saving some.  And we’ll be able to save more this year.
  • Transportation — The van is still chugging along and thanks to Mom & Dad I have a great car.  Everything we’re driving to is nearby so we’re not putting miles onto the vehicles like we have done in years past, and even the recent absurd gas prices didn’t really change our budget.

Things I’d like to be worried about:

  • Charity — By the end of the year I’d like to be more involved in some kind of charity / helping-people work.  I have no idea what… although I’ve always liked Habitat for Humanity.  Maybe I’ll look into that again.  You have to be really persitent, though.  I tried before and there wasn’t anything happening.
  • Writing — Sigh… the constant nag in my life is that I always wanted to be a writer.  I have so much now though, I really don’t see where it fits… maybe that’s the problem.  I could make it fit if I wanted to, I suppose.  Maybe I can work something into my lunch-hour or something.  I want to start some sort of regimented writing program.  Teresa and I were recently talking about me going back to school (concerning one of my main concerns, career) … maybe I could go back and take some writing classes.

I suppose that just about covers everything.  I’m still trying to incorporate some awesome Christmas gifts into my online presence.  The video camera my parents got me, mainly.  The circular saw has already been used to make legs for the boys’ train-table.  The other piece of wood has been placed under their bed as a play-surface.

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